DWTS13 Week 6 Ricki Lake And Derek Hough To Tap Dance Tonight!

In a new interview that took place Friday night with Broadway World, Ricki discloses details about her upcoming projects, passions, and being a huge Broadway fan. In fact, Ricki would love to do Broadway someday and hopes her dancing on Dancing With The Stars will help her get a role.

RL: Oh, yeah. I am hoping to do Broadway someday. I mean – really. I am not a dancer – clearly, I am not a dancer – but, I am working really hard to make it look like I am. I am singer, though. So, if this leads to some opportunity onstage, I would love it.

Ricki also discusses the good times and the challenges of doing Dancing With The Stars. She also gives us a hint of what to expect of her and Derek’s dance tonight which includes tap dancing (you would not believe the happy dance twirl I just did after reading this and I about broke my neck! lol πŸ™‚ )….

PC: How have you been enjoying your time on DANCING up until now?
RL: Well, I have to tell you: we just had this halfway point party and at the party people were just maniacs – they were throwing down on the dance floor!

PC: Well, given it’s a DANCING WITH THE STARS party, I’d expect no less.
RL: It was crazy! I mean, it was a bar, but people were cutting loose. It was really the crew that was doing it – there were the dancers, too – but the crew went crazy! I didn’t stay for too long because I had to dance the next day.

PC: How have you been handling all the responsibility and pressure inherent in the experience of doing this show?
RL: Oh, like, right now, I am racing home to get ready for the Chaz Bono event tonight. He is being honored and we are going. I am a lunatic – but, I am having a great time, at the same time, you know? [Laughs.]

PC: You must be stressed out.
RL: Yeah, it’s a lot – and, I have Derek beating me up. This week, in this dance, I am doing the quickstep and I am doing a little tap-dancing in it, too. It’s just exhausting. It takes so much out of me. Just doing it once, I am just sweating buckets.

More of this fun ‘in-depth’ interview HERE!!

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