DWTS 13 Len Goodman Defends Himself! (Video)

Len Goodman sat down with Access Hollywood this morning to chat about the comments he received from Maks last night. He feels after sleeping on it that Maks probably feels bad about what happened. In defending himself, Len feels he is the “biggest defender of the pros” and he has nothing but “admiration” for the celebrities for taking on a dance show like this. He also says he is good buddies with Maks and he understands who he is and that he has a firey way about him. Access Hollywood shows Len a poll they ran this morning where Maks is winning on who was right or wrong. Len agreed with it saying he’d vote for Maks for the win too. 😯 lol Well, I’m glad there are no hard feelings with Len. For whatever it’s worth, I hope both sides learn something from what happened.