DWTS Season 13, Week 6 Interviews After The Dance Part 1 (Videos)

If you are anxious like I am, let’s get right to the new interviews with George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet. He asks the couples on their dances, their progress since week one, and how they each feel on Maks’ rant to the judges!!

First, below is Ricki and Derek with their reactions to their dance and the judges criticisms. Derek says they appreciate and are glad the judges liked their dance last night. Derek explains how much Ricki has improved since the first week and she’s “right on track” for where he wants them to be. Ricki said last night’s dance was her favorite thus far. On Maks, Derek didn’t agree with what he did. They are seasoned professionals and know the show. “Disrespecting the judges is crossing the line.”

Chaz is upset and is as sad as his face looks because of the judges low scores of his dance which he thought were unfair. Last night’s critiques, were “the icing on the cake”. Lacey supports Maks for what he had to say to the judges since he said what a lot of them couldn’t. She also mentions how unfair it is that some people received a “9” who didn’t deserve it while they pick on Chaz.

George asks Maks and Hope on her progress. She thought last night was a “break through” even though no one else thought so. Maks was happy with their dance. Maks talks about his rant. He just wishes the judges were “on the same page with everyone” when they judged. When he was taught to judge in ballroom, he was taught to be fair and judge the people and not their personalities. Hope ends the interview saying she had fun this past week and hope it continues.

Nancy is doing the happy dance after she and Tristan received a “9” and after learning they are in 3rd place. She and Tristan address Maks’comments to the judges. Nancy says when working in the courtroom you had to learn to keep tight lipped when the judges made a decision. Tristan says he understands both staying quiet on it and wanting to defend yourself. “There is no right or wrong on it”. They talk of their progress from week one. They are pleased with her handstand.

J.R. and karina are beyond excited and happy over their two “10’s” last night. They go through their progress since week one and how much J.R. is learning on his journey. If they could redo a dance, Karina would choose the Jive which she thought the judges were too harsh about when they only got “7’s”. J.R. thinks the judges have been fair to him for the most part. What they’ve said, he’s tried to work on.

Rob was as comfortable as he could be “shaking it”. Derek pops in to say and joke that “Rob was robbed” last night. George puts Cheryl on the spot asking her about Maks comments. She says Maks has his opinion and she agrees that it would be nice if they didn’t get criticized for trying to make their partners look good after they’ve worked so hard.

David starts the interview saying he was disappointed on his dance last night. He’s hard on himself, but, Kym and George commend him and his high energy. On Maks, David understands the pressure of the show and how it can make people passionate. He also says a little drama doesn’t hurt a reality show.

More interviews coming up. Stay tuned. 😉