DWTS Season 13, Week 6 Interviews After The Dance Part 2 (Videos)

In Part 2 of our interview posts after last night’s dances, we have Carson Kressley on Good Morning America. Carson is calling last night’s show “Max Gate”. LOL!! Carson gets serious and says Maks probably over reacted, but, “he’s Maks” and it’s understandable when you feel the need to voice your opinion in “heat of the moment”. Carson also thinks it’s all “subjective”. He also discusses who he thought danced the best. He’s a hoot as always. More below….

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Louis Van Amstel also reviewed the night in his new blog at ABC. He thinks Ricki, J.R., and Rob are “absolutely safe”. Below are his thoughts on Hope, Maks, and the rant Maks gave to the judges. More at the link for his thoughts on all the other couples more in-depth.

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s Rumba. I love Hope and I think she’s in a difficult position. Somehow, I believe Hope is totally being confused by too many cooks in the kitchen. Hope is trying her absolute hardest, and she did a good job with her legs. I saw a great attempt at personal intimacy. There’s no chemistry between them as a couple, but I believe that comes from the atmosphere during rehearsal. I can so understand why Hope is totally confused. It doesn’t matter how long a celebrity takes, with patience you can achieve so much more. I agree with Carrie Ann. I agree with Len’s comments but, even if I do agree with Len’s comments, it’s a rule the judges can only criticize the pro’s. Boots don’t help a smooth leg action. Bruno, you’re going to tell Maks how to do the Rumba??? Hope, I love your answer to Brooke. Please be yourself and don’t let anyone change who you are. Wow, Maks, I know what you meant to say when you said “it’s my show,” it just came out the wrong way. The scores are a little low. I would have given a 7 and 8.

As a pro, if you talk back to the judges it always makes you look like the bad guy, even if you’re right. I’m not saying I agree with Maks tonight, because I actually don’t. Len never really explained why he said Maks was part of the problem, because he cut Len off. These discussions, in my opinion, are good because this was real. But, often times, Len blurts out statements that are so fabricated. I wish it was always real.

Overall: Ricki, J.R. and Rob are absolutely safe. David is pretty safe. I don’t know how much viewers will let the episode between Maks and the judges influence their votes. Otherwise, I still think Hope is pretty safe. I’m worried for Chaz the most and, if it’s on pure dancing, I’m worried for Nancy. If the audience votes on performance and growth, Nancy will be safe. Tomorrow night is going to be interesting.

And here are the Access Hollywood interviews….

Derek and Ricki chat about their performance and the process they went through to pull it off. Derek gives his thoughts on Maks’ heated words to the judges. He has “two minds” on it being there is a lot of pressure. He said he snapped at the judges once and learned not to do it. He basically thinks it’s best to hold back and roll with the punches since everyone has to take them.

Lacey and Chaz are clearly upset with the judges. Lacey is supporting Maks 100%! (I’m still fuming over Bruno calling Chaz a “penguin”. I agree how it’s not right to criticize what they look like.)

Maks doesn’t regret anything he said last night. Even if he’s wrong in some people’s eyes, he has a right to his opinion for what this Country is about. He thought the judges have been unfair and he said so. Love or hate him, he’s not going to change.

Be sure to watch this video by PopTVDotCom as well. There is a great interview with Tristan in it. Tom and Tony also address the “controversy” of last night. Maks pretty much avoids Henry’s questions when asked on the fight with the judges. I believe Maks is with Daria? She is so beautiful!

Shew, what a night! Here’s to tonight’s results! 😉