Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Las Vegas Odds For Oct. 31st

The Las Vegas Odds continue to amaze me. After the controversy surrounding Maks and Hope these last few weeks, the odds makers in Las Vegas surprisingly have Hope ranked at 3rd….though, note, it’s not a strong 3rd place position and David and Rob are tied and neck and neck with her. They have Nancy at a good distance from the pack, but can she continue to prove the Las Vegas Odds wrong again or will she not? I hate to say it, but, I worry all of this controversy with the judges and Maks is going to finally take it’s toll on the two and they will find themselves going home this upcoming Tuesday night unless they have one show stopping, perfect performance. At this point, I can’t see this happening? But, you never know? Here’s to getting back to why we are all here and that is seeing some GOOD DANCING!!

J.R. Martinez 1.25

Ricki Lake 3.75

Hope Solo 21.00

David Arquette 26.00

Robert Kardashian 26.00

Nancy Grace 51.00