DWTS 13 Nancy Grace And Tristan MacManus Talk About Their Dancing On Dr. Drew & Ryan Seacrest (Videos)

Below is a cute interview with Nancy and Tristan on Dr. Drew last night! Nancy talks of how she blanks out when the music starts with her performances. Dr. Drew explains why that happens to her. In other things mentioned, Tristan says they dance as if it’s their last dance and that’s how they will take on future dances if they make it. Lots more below from these fun two as always…

ADDING: Also, below is a new interview with Nancy and Tristan on Ryan Seacrest. Nancy talks on Maksgate and on her and Tristan’s Jive coming up on Monday. She says, “It’s like a swing on crack. That’s what it is. It is super fast and we have a super fast song.”

Thanks to Lori for the heads up on the above interview early this morning!xx