Chaz Bono Lands New Reality Special Which Will Include DWTS Footage!

Good news for Chaz Bono!! He may have been voted off Dancing With the Stars this week, but it’s only the beginning for him! He’ll soon be returning to TV with his own reality TV special called “Being Chaz”. Below are some details from Entertainment Gather. Note how the new special will include Dancing With The Stars footage.

Being Chaz will be a follow-up to his Emmy nominated special Becoming Chaz. It will look at Chaz’s life since transitioning from a woman to a man, and will include DWTS rehearsals and the controversy that his appearance as a contestant on the show created.

Fans will have to wait until late November–November 27th to be exact, to watch Being Chaz on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). That gives Chaz Bono a brief break from the media spotlight before allowing people to witness more of his personal and behind-the-scenes challenges.

Hopefully the special won’t only concentrate on the many challenges that Chaz Bono has faced and will likely continue to face, but will also highlight the joys he has experienced since transitioning to manhood. His example could certainly be enlightening for many young men and women who are facing similar struggles in their personal lives.

Also, if you missed Chaz and Lacey on The View today, you can see the full interview at The View’s official site. There is some fun backstage footage at the link as well. Chaz focuses on the positive as always!

For those interested, Chaz will also be Joy Behar’s guest tonight on her show on HLN!