DWTS Season 13, Week 7 – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

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It’s going to be a very scary Halloween. Hope you all have lots of candy and booze. You’re going to need it. Well, some more than others. πŸ™‚

Rob/CherylΒ – Tango (Song: Theme from The Addams Family The Addams Family (Main Theme) - Halloween Party : Songs and Sound Effects)
Dancing 4th
Phone: 1-800-868-3402

Nancy/TristanΒ – Jive (Song: Devil Went Down To Georgia Devil Went Down to Georgia - 100 Country Hits by Charlie Daniels Band)
Phone: 1-800-868-3405

David/KymΒ –Β Cha Cha (Song: Abracadabra Abracadabra - Abracadabra by Steve Miller Band)
Dancing 1st!!
Phone: 1-800-868-3406

Hope/MaksΒ – Samba (Song: Werewolves of London Werewolves of London - Excitable Boy (Remastered) by Warren Zevon)
Phone: 1-800-868-3408

JR/KarinaΒ –Β Tango (Song: Ghostbusters Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters (Original Soundtrack Album) by Ray Parker Jr.)
Phone: 1-800-868-3410

Ricki/DerekΒ – Paso Doble (Song: Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams - I Am... Sasha Fierce (Deluxe Version) by Beyonce)
Their routine has a “Little Red Riding Hood” theme to it.
Phone: 1-800-868-3411

Team Paso – Song: Bring Me To Life Bring Me to Life - Fallen by Evanescance – Dancing LAST!!
Ricki & Derek
Hope & Maks
Rob & Cheryl

Team Tango – Song: Disturbia Disturbia - Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded by Rihanna
JR & Karina
Nancy & Tristan
David & Kym