Ricki Lake Says Dancing With The Stars Is ‘Like Giving Birth’

Ricki Lake tells the Miami Herald that doing Dancing With The Stars may be “like giving birth” these last 6 weeks, but, “the grind will all be worth it in the end.” She also discusses what the atmosphere is like behind the scenes this week. It may have a “little tension” in it since what happened Monday night with Maks and Len, but, they are use to it and everyone is rooting for each other. Ricky also dishes on what it’s like to work with Derek and how they got paired up which you can read on below. Be sure to read the link for the full interview.

How do you like working with pro partner Derek Hough?
All I can say is that he is so committed to doing the best and making me look my best. He’s tough sometimes, really hardcore, but you have to be to pull a performance from people who aren’t comfortable doing what we’re doing. There’s a reason he’s won three times. He really has these blinders on and is very focused. I’m just doing what he tells me to do to the best of my ability.

How did you guys get paired up?
I think they try to match personalities, but I don’t know what goes into it and how you get a certain partner. I was secretly hoping I would get Derek but didn’t say anything because I thought that would affect my chances of actually getting him.

You seem like you have a good chance of being the last one standing.
In the beginning, I played to win, whether it’s a poker tournament or playing my kids’ Monopoly. It’s definitely shifted. Now that we’re near the end I’m really just into making people think I’m a dancer. I would gladly come in second to a war hero [J.R.].

Ricki also did a new interview with US Weekly. She chats about how she has pushed her body when she took on dancing and more. There is new video at the link (for some reason it won’t embed).