Welcome to the New Pure DWTS Server!

If you can see this post, then you’re now seeing Pure DWTS on our new server. We’ll still be tweaking things on the new server over the next little bit. So, bear with us if anything doesn’t work quite like it should. Plus, do let us know if you see anything that doesn’t look quite right. Moving 2255 posts and well over 30,000 comments was a bit of a challenge. We think we got everything transferred, but let us know if we didn’t in the comments of this post.

Besides the posts and comments numbers above (which are incredible), we’ve done almost 4.5 million pageviews since the start of Pure DWTS.

Thanks for everyone who reads it and an even bigger thanks to Princess Heidi, Courtney, Vogue and the other writers that make Pure DWTS great. Let’s hope the new server performs very well so you can all enjoy Pure DWTS even more!