Are The Producers Of Dancing With The Stars Angry At Maksim Chmerkovskiy?

The big question on many of our minds: Are the producers of the show mad at Maks after what happened last week with his complaint on the judges on LIVE TV? As you saw for yourselves, Maks was clearly upset and looked angry in the rehearsals last night to the point Maks looked “abusive” to some people when he man handled Hope, but, is that really the case or do the producers just want to make it look that way? Both TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly are diving into this area today. More below and special thanks to Lori for helping out with this post!!! Let’s get Heidi’s take on this as well.

Below are Teddy Volynet’s thoughts after the show from TV Guide….

But the rehearsal footage struck a decidedly different note. “I was there for that whole rehearsal,” explained troop dancer Teddy Volynets, who is a student of Chmerkovskiy’s and stepped in to rehearse with Solo after Chmerkovskiy injured his toe. “There was a moment where it seemed a little rough, and it was due to the fact that when you come into a team situation, every single piece is just as important as the others. And if one piece isn’t working, you’re letting down the rest of the team. So that’s just more pressure on the pros and more pressure on the celebs. Some people are bound to crack a little bit and that’s bound to be recorded.”

Volynets said he got Solo to laugh and relax because he was there for such a short time. “I got to taste Maks’ life for three days. He’s been doing it since September. I was there having fun, but if I was in Maks’ shoes, I’d be exactly like him.”

For her part, Solo seems to accept that harsh comments and tough teaching go with the territory. “It’s the seventh week, we’re getting okay scores,” she said. “You wouldn’t want to see me if he wasn’t tough on me. I’d be like…I don’t know what I’d be like out there on the dance floor.”

Below are Tristan’s thoughts from Entertainment Weekly which I’m in total agreement with. What do you think?

During Monday’s episode, however, Chmerkovskiy had very little to say when he faced the judges and didn’t respond to any questions from reporters afterwards.

In the meantime, his decision to get physical with Solo during the rehearsal didn’t jibe well with at least one other pro. “That’s stuff you shouldn’t be doing,” said Nancy Grace’s partner Tristan McManus. “No matter whether you’ve been dancing for however long or just new to dancing, that shouldn’t be happening.”

That said, McManus said the packages seldom tell the full story. “Those packages are like a minute and a half…amongst the rest of us it’s not a continuous thing. They pulled it together tonight and they remember what it’s about. Hope herself pulled it together with Maks and they did great.”

Heidi’s Note: Teddy’s loyal, I’ll give him that much. And he may have a point that, for his part, he is only a short timer so he doesn’t have a lot invested, he can laugh and have fun with Hope. That explains HIS behavior…but not so much Maks. Listen, the producers can edit, edit, edit until the cows come home but what they have NO power to do is make Maks behave in a certain way towards Hope. That was not manufactured. It was awful to watch and I’d rather never see anything like it again. Ever. Were there parts where Maks wasn’t being an ass? Sure, I would bet there were. But this is one of those instances where “you reap what you sow” – Maks had his say last week. He took shots at the judges, he took shots at Derek, tried to deny all of it, then probably saw all of it on tape and was hopefully ashamed of it. Or not. Then, this week, the Producers had their say. Were they taking a shot at Maks for revenge? Who cares? Point is, if you can dish it out, you have to take it. I doubt they were angry at him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they reminded him who’s the boss with one simple edit. I would imagine that’s why we didn’t hear much from him after the show – not because they told him to shut up, but because he was pissed as hell. He got played. And everyone came out looking better than he did. That’s the funny thing about reality TV. You brag about boosting ratings, but you can expect to be the ratings booster again when you don’t want to be. That’s likely the real reason for that edit last night. 🙂