DWTS Season 13, Week 7 Interviews After The Dance Part 1 (Videos)

Let’s get right to the interviews after Monday night’s dances with our favorite interviewer, George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet!! As always, George asks the couples some different questions. This week he dives into the “safety” factor.

First up, below is Ron and Cheryl! George tries to get Rob to admit he’s ready to be in the finals, but, Rob and Cheryl won’t admit to it. They hope they make it, but, they don’t want to jinx anything. On the safety factor, Cheryl totally trusts Rob. He hasn’t dropped her yet. They also talk of how happy they are with more fans and people rooting for them every week. At the end of the interview, George asks Rob on his sister’s divorce. Rob says it’s a difficult time for the family, but, they will support her.

Next up is Ricki and Derek! They are so proud of their dance and the Team Paso. On the safety factor, Ricki trusts Derek “implicitly” with her body and her life. Derek says he’ll always have her. On her injury, Ricki doesn’t plan to let it or anything else get in her way. They are so happy with their first place finish. Their faces say it all!

Maks and Hope look at George’s notes and scores. Hope is happy with them. Just like last night, Maks is unusually quiet through the interview. When George questions him on it, Maks said he has said enough in the last few weeks. He then remarks when he looks back on his life, he will look back happy on this time and that he did it his way. A very subdued Maks. I’m not sure what to think, but, this can’t be helping their situation?

Nancy and Tristan are never serious even when asked on the safety factor. Nancy loved their Jive last night. They are “having the time of their lives” and that’s all that matters. They’ve been in last place before and are anxious to see how the voters will decide. Tristan remarks how their dance was high in entertainment.

Kym talks of how safe she feels with David. He’s come a long way. They go over their 5th place position and the trouble they are in. For what ever happens tonight, David feels he’s accomplished what he wanted to do in learning how to dance and entertaining people. He also challenged himself so he could grow.

Karina goes into this interview relieved to have all the wigs off. If they come back next week, “there will be no wigs.” J.R remarks that no matter how things turned out last night, they worked hard and put their all into it which is all that matters. Karina speaks about how safe she feels with J.R. and how committed he is. J.R plans to “bust his butt” and “strap up” next week even more if he’s able to come back.

More interviews coming up. Stay tuned! 😉