DWTS 13, Week 7 Interviews After The Elimination, Information On Week 8 Dances Revealed

George Pennacchio was there to greet and interview all the couples after the elimination last night. He asks them their thoughts on it as well as their next two dances next week. The couples have the instant Jive (that they won’t get a song for until 30 minutes before they dance) and another dance which you can read more on below.

First up, Derek!! He won’t speak much of Ricki and his second dance except to say it’s a “Slow Waltz” and he wants to make it emotional and fun. Derek thinks Ricki is looking beautiful in her presentations…especially in her top frame which keeps improving every week. He’s having fun designing costumes for her and doing new things for her new figure with it. Ricki isn’t here for this interview. Derek sent her straight home to rest her ribs so they could practice hard today.

Rob feels his dedication and focus really need to come now if they want to make it to the finals. Cheryl says they have to step it up and put even more time into practices. Rob is ready! Their second dance is the Quick Step which Rob says will be fun and “cool”. He talked of how he will miss David. He made him laugh every week.

J.R. and Karina are going to miss David’s energy like they missed in Carson. They have the Slow Waltz next week as their second dance. Karina is hoping to show two sides of J.R. again…the romantic side and the fun side. J.R. says Dancing With The Stars has been life changing for him and it’s been a tremendous honor to do the show.

Nancy believes the competition right now is between themselves since they are all such good friends. Tristan plans to remained focused on what they’ve been doing all along and “do their best” not necessarily “being the best”. Their second dance next week is the Tango. They have the same two dances next week as this week. They hope to use this week’s dances as inspiration to do better.

Maks seems more himself in this interview versus last night’s interview. He admits to not being in a good place yesterday. Some of his past partners texted him about it. He wants to make it clear how much he is enjoying this ride with Hope.

In this interview by Access Hollywood, Maks admits to being too intense and how he lost the focus of why they are doing the show. He hopes the fans don’t feel betrayed by him and think he isn’t the person we thought he was (is he reading our posts?). He is not the person we saw yesterday. Hope goes on to say she’s appreciated how Maks has coached her, but, they hope to have more fun in the coming weeks. They have the Quick Step as their second dance.

Derek was interviewed by Access Hollywood as well. He talks of his triple duty this past week. He speaks of he and Ricki’s two dances next week. Nancy jumps into the interview and unzips Derek’s shirt. LOL

Ok, that is all for now!! Here’s to next week’s dances!!