Jennifer Grey On DWTS, Derek Hough, And Judging Strictly Come Dancing

This weekend, Jennifer Grey is appearing on the UK version of the show as a stand-in judge for Len Goodman. She’s hopes to “bring honesty” to the panel. In a new promo interview with the BBC, Jennifer talks of what it was like to do Dirty Dancing and how Patrick Swayze got her the role. She also speaks about doing Dancing With The Stars in the US and a little of what she went through with her partner, Derek Hough. Great article. You can read more in a take from Film News below.

Jennifer says despite her starring role in Dirty Dancing, she is not a natural performer.

“Derek was frustrated because I’m not a dancer. I was only a weekend one. I put on Michael Jackson on my boom box,” she smiled. “I was a lover of dance.”

Jennifer confessed the show was hard work. The Golden Globe-nominated star says rehearsals were gruelling and often left her feeling vulnerable.

“It’s about embracing the opportunity and facing your fears. You have to dig so deep,” she recalled.

“Each week I didn’t feel ready. I could not get through a dress rehearsal without crying or some sort of drama. It’s very intense.”

Jennifer is appearing on the UK version of the show this weekend as a stand-in judge. The 51-year-old hopes to bring honesty to the panel of Strictly Come Dancing.

“I’m a really judgemental person!” she laughed.

“I have so much compassion, and I’m going to be really honest.”

Picture above is of Jennifer and Kenny Ortega at the 2011 Rising Stars Gala on Oct. 29th. You can view more pictures of her at this event at

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