Mark Ballas Writes About The Top 5 Couples On Dancing With The Stars Season 13

Mark Ballas' photo What do us 4 have in common??
Mark Ballas on WhoSay

Mark Ballas has written a new blog for what he thinks of the top five couples left on Dancing With The Stars for USA Today. He goes through their strong points for why they have made it this far which you can read about below. Be sure to read the full blog at the link for he also has some special words for David Arquette. He’s looking forward to the finals and dancing with Kristin Cavallari again.

It this point it is clear that Ricki (Lake) and Derek (Hough) make a great couple. Ricki has really proven herself over the course of the season. Not only is Ricki a good dancer but she also plays the characters well each week and that’s what it takes to seal the deal. She even is dancing through a rib injury right now but still remains at the top of the leaderboard. I expect she’ll stay there throughout the rest of the show and will make it into the finals.

J.R. (Martinez), according to Len, had a “substandard” week. Yes, he made a few mistakes but it only makes the man human. If you have learned anything about J.R. from the show, you know that he is a fighter and will come back this week with a strong and on-point routine. Some of J.R.’s strengths are his speed and ability to be light on his feet. These two characteristics are extremely important when it comes to ballroom dancing.

Hope (Solo) is back! She performed one of her best dances last week and I can’t wait to see what she has in store. Many of the athletes on the show have done a tremendous job of transforming into dancers. Some of the great qualities about Hope are that she has tremendous speed and endurance. This allows her to perform well on show days and can help her stay focused during the long rehearsal hours. At this point, everyone is exhausted which translates into mental challenges. Professional athletes know how to push themselves and Hope is no different. This will continue to help her throughout the remainder of the show.

Nancy (Grace) keeps on improving week after week and as she said Tuesday night, “it’s not over until it’s over.” I think she has been overlooked this season but she is right, until she’s eliminated, she also has a good shot at winning the mirror ball trophy. Len loves when routines stay traditional and her partner Tristan (MacManus) has done a really good job of choreographing the routines that way. She has become very precise in her dance routines and that is a big reason in how she has made it this far.

Rob’s (Kardashian) biggest strength is that he is a quick learner. This is crucial during the long season of Dancing with the Stars. If a celebrity can catch on fast, it allows for more time in rehearsal for fine-tuning the routine. Rob has been very consistent all season and I believe that this consistency will carry him into the finals. He has a lot to bring to the dance floor and his dedication will show in the next couple of weeks.

Picture above is from Mark’s facebook of he, Derek, Cheryl, and Kym after one of the shows this past week.