DWTS Season 13, Week 8 – Dancing by the Numbers

Remember when I said the judges were using a good bit of hyperbole last week?? Well, they’re at it again – mainly directed at Hope and JR.  They were throwing out undeserved superlatives left and right.

JR is, without question, the best dancer this season and he has the best story. I do think  he will win and it will be deserved. But I don’t think he should be overscored any more than I think Hope should be.  And both were tonight.  A 60 for JR?? Ummmm….No. A 57 would have been fine and dandy – and reasonable. He had some of the same issues that Ricki did on his Jive, he just made it look slightly prettier – but not 6 points prettier.  And Hope?? Well, after Maks’ past behavior, he’s pretty much dead to me. And that shouldn’t be taken out on Hope. But never in this universe does she get the same score as Ricki Lake UNLESS the judges are desperately trying to make sure that Nancy goes home and NOT Hope.

So, if Rob or Ricki goes home tomorrow night, the judges just better keep their traps shut. It’s on them. I don’t want to see any shock and awe on their faces – surely they aren’t that stupid any more?? Oh wait….they gave Hope a 27.  :::rolls eyes:::  Clearly they ARE that stupid. Yes, it was Hopes best night of the competition.  But she is not either Ricki or Rob’s equal. Not even close. And personally, I think Maks should be fired and Teddy should take over. Rather tired of shitty behavior being rewarded. How very Hollywood.

Anyway, let’s look at the numbers.

The Judges Scores and Percentages

Place Celebrity Score Percentage
1. JR 60 23.17
2. Ricki 52 20.08
2. Hope 52 20.08
4. Rob 51 19.69
5. Nancy 44 16.99

Okay, so it sure looks likely that Nancy is going home. She was in the real bottom 2 last week and she overcame the 10k votes needed to beat David, but could NOT get the 14k to beat JR or the 21k to beat Hope. So what does she need tonight in order to stick around?? She needs ONE of the following:

–          Nancy needs 27,200 more votes per million votes cast to get past Rob, OR;

–          Nancy needs 31,000 more votes per million votes cast to get past either Hope or Ricki, OR;

–          Nancy needs 61,800 more votes per million votes cast to get past JR.

Since she couldn’t muster those votes last week, I don’t really see it happening this week.  But, you never know!!  Let’s say Nancy gets the votes. What does Rob need in order to stick around? He needs one of the following:

–          Rob needs 3,900 more votes per million votes cast to beat either Ricki OR Hope, OR;

–          Rob needs 38,000 more votes per million votes cast to beat JR.

Does anyone NOT believe that they were taking extra precautions with JR?? LOL!! Um, yeah. He’s safe. There’s not much point in pitting Ricki or Hope against JR – they need about 31K in order to beat him this week.

So, I pretty much see Nancy going home. Who is the other person in the “real” bottom 2?? Hard to say.  Maks can’t close the deal in a great season with an even more popular partner (ie. Kirstie); do I really think that they’re not also in the bottom two with his behavior of the past few weeks??  I don’t really know – people surprise (and disappoint) me all the time. But at the end of the day, she would have to get at least 1 more vote than Ricki per million votes cast and hope that Rob DOESN’T get 3,900 more votes per  million votes cast than her.  I think that Rob and Ricki can do both of those things.  I could be wrong.  And, if I’m wrong, I can go to bed right after the show next week cuz I won’t have to stay up voting.  🙂