DWTS Season 13, Week 8 Interviews After The Dance Part 1 (Videos)

What a night…the best of the season in many of our opinions (refer to Courtney’s new Power Rankings Post.)!! Less drama and the focus was more on good dancing! George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet was impressed too. He was there to interview all the remaining couples after their dances for what they thought. He also asks what they hope they will accomplish if they get to come back another week.

It’s the “Final lap of the Nascar”, Karina says when asked what is left for these two after their perfect scores last night. J.R. says he owes the “tens” to Karina. Karina says their dances were like an “out of body experience” and everything came together.

Maks and Hope are happy with last night’s outcome. They joke of how Hope is an “athlete” and her legs are still tired and hurt. Maks says, “Mission accomplished” to Hope recognizing that fact. They go through the physical toll dancing on this show can have on a person. They also speak of how there is something inside Hope that responds positively to all the pressure. The more pressure, the more she works and wants to do better.

Roses were thrown to Ricki and Derek like in an ice skating competition last night. It’s no wonder. George thought their first dance showed a side to Ricki he had never seen before. She loved the dance and was doing it for her Grandmother. It was also fun falling in love with Derek. Ricki gets a little down mentioning her mistakes and wish she had done better, but, Derek is proud. He highlighted how they received a “10” and how memorable their first dance will be to him.

Robe and Cheryl feel like they’ve set out what they accomplished by improving every week. Cheryl is proud of Rob for listening to her and really working hard. If they make it tonight, they plan to keep working hard on all the things the judges advised of them. Cheryl is nervous about the results tonight.

George tells Nancy he doesn’t think Len realizes Cinderella has a fairy tale ending. Tristan says, “It’s not over yet”. No matter what happens, Nancy is just happy to have danced. Tristan is happy because their dances were an improvement from last week. George talks of how they received a standing ovation. Tristan says that’s what dancing is for and all about.

More coming! Stay tuned!! 😉