DWTS Season 13, Week 8 Interviews After The Dance Part 2 (Videos)

In part 2 of our interview posts, we get the dancers thoughts from what they discussed with Access Hollywood and ET. Good Morning America also interviewed Carson Kressley for what he thought of the dances. Louis Van Amstel also reviewed the show.

First up, Carson’s thoughts!! He says Len must have had a Prozac Smoothie for the mood he was in last night. He thinks J.R. and Karina are really taking over the lead now. Ricki is a real showman, but, she looked a little tired last night. Even still, she is a pro dancing out there and a definite contender. Carson loved Maks and Hope last night. It was the first time they looked like they were both having fun. He thinks Rob keeps improving and is going to make it to the final three. Nancy will most likely go home tonight because her underwear showed (what? 😯 ) and she copied his cart wheel. LOL! Carson is in rare form as always.

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Be sure to read Louis’ review on the night at ABC. He pretty much nails it again I think. I never thought I’d say this, but, I would be all for having Louis replacing or being added to the judges panel, would you? Below is his overall opinion on the night;

Overall: What a great night. Every couple stepped up to the plate and tonight was such a great, classic “Dancing With the Stars” night, full of inspiration and fun dancing. That’s the reason why so many people fell in love with the show.

It’s very clear to me the top two is between Ricki and J.R. After tonight, Ricki will have to up her game. I’m worried for Nancy to survive tomorrow’s elimination, and both Rob and Hope have to show more energy in order to make it to the final. Both can take that third spot but, having said that, it ain’t over for Nancy yet, because we don’t know how you guys voted!

Now onto the Access Hollywood interviews….

Rob tells Access Hollywood he is working his “butt” off. He’s “taking it for the team.” If they make it tonight, Rob hopes to keep focusing on working really hard…especially being there will be three dances next week. Dancing doesn’t stop with the show. They were going to go Salsa dancing after the show to celebrate some birthdays in his family.

Ricki is giving Dancing everything she can. Even though their Jive was disappointing, Derek thought the ending was hilarious. They loved their waltz. The interview tells Derek he is better looking than Leo DiCaprio and Ricki looks like Demi Moore. Their reactions are too cute!! Not knowing if they make it tonight, they were going to rehearse after the show since Derek has FOUR dances next week to perform. Derek also speaks of the fun photo he took with Maks last week and why they took it.

Maks and Hope go through how they “reset” their “Dancing” relationship this week. They talk of how Hope is the bad girl of soccer and Maks is the bad boy of the ballroom and how that worked against them for a while. They have the three dances next week if they make it. The pressure is on. Maks also talks about his picture with Derek last week and how it said it all without explaining anything.

All the couples talked about their dances with ET as well….

That is all for now. We may add more later. We will see. Here’s to the results show tonight. I have a feeling I will cry for whoever goes home. 🙁 xxx