Should Dancing With The Stars Only Have One Season A Year??

What do you think of Tom Bergeron’s new idea to combat the TV ratings game and keep viewers interested?

It’s still a Top 10 hit, but this season ABC’s Dancing With the Stars is down nearly 14 percent from last fall, to an average of 18 million viewers. Host Tom Bergeron has a suggestion to keep viewers interested: Only air the show once a year, rather than in both fall and spring.

“One season a year works very well for American Idol,” says Bergeron, who thinks the longer wait creates more viewer anticipation. “I certainly think that’s one of the things that should be considered going forward. I would be looking at the spring season very carefully.”

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My thoughts? NO! Tom, are you crazy? I love Dancing With The Stars and I love having two seasons!! The ratings are only down because it’s football season. So what if one or a few shows are at the top of the Fall ratings. It doesn’t mean anything needs to be changed. 🙁