SPOILERS!!! DWTS Season 13, Week 8 – The Results!

Well, because the web site is getting hit with major traffic again, this took longer than I thought to get up.  I guess it’s great to be popular. 🙂

Anyway, Nancy and Tristan left us tonight and I’m very sad to see them go.  Tristan is second only to Derek in terms of very classy guys and I think I can speak for all of us here at PureDWTS when I say – PLEASE HAVE HIM BACK NEXT SEASON, TPTB!!!  Awesome man, and I have a new appreciation for Nancy Grace. Don’t care for her TV show or a lot of her opinions – but she’s a genuine human and seems like a sweetheart. Someone I’d be glad to go out for a beer with and argue about the court case of the moment. 🙂

Courtney and I both called it – but the bar was set extremely low, thanks to the judges protective instincts.  They are determined to have an Olympian in the final four – hopefully they come back to earth next week so we can have a halfway decent final.