DWTS13, Week 8 Interviews After The Results, Dancers Talk On Next Week’s Dances

On The Red Carpet, Access Hollywood, and ET interviewed Karina, J.R., Cheryl, and Rob after last night’s results show to get some hints on their upcoming dances. Note how Maks, Hope, Derek, and Ricki weren’t interviewed by these media outlets unless they are planning to post their interviews later today? Anyway, here’s what Karina, J.R., Cheryl, and Rob revealed….

First up, we have J.R. and Karina. They talk of how all the remaining couples have a Cha Cha Relay dance. They had to pick which order they are going to dance. Karina says they will all dance to one song for 35-45 seconds each. J.R. reveals they will dance in order #3!! These two also have the Argentine Tango and the Paso Doble (my two favorite dances! 🙂 ). J.R. talks about the fear and motions going into the next round. They went straight to rehearsals after the show to start getting ready. Karina already has the dances choreographed.

Next, Rob is so thankful for everyone voting for them. They have the Samba and the Argentine Tango (along with the Cha Cha Relay). Cheryl says they need to make sure they stand out next week. Rob is most fearful on the Samba. He also talked of dancing the Salsa with Mark and Shirley Ballas the night before (which makes me wonder on one of the Final dances if he makes it?). Cheryl planned to choreograph their number last night and they start their rehearsals today.

Here’s to the quarter finals everyone!!! 😉