Cheryl Burke And Derek Hough Planning To Return To Dancing With The Stars

What a great article from the Hollywood Reporter today!! If you haven’t read it yet, be sure you do. Derek and Cheryl dish on their careers other than dancing, the controversy with Maks this Season, and whether they will be returning to Dancing With This Stars next Season and in future Seasons. It sounds to me like this show is in their blood and they very much want to keep doing it. Thank goodness because I want to see them dancing on this show as long as possible.

“I’m so used to having my celebrity by my side,” Burke tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Every season I’ve done interviews with my celeb, and this time they only wanted me. It’s kind of crazy to be able to do that, but it gave me a lot of self confidence. It made me grow up a little bit.”

Hough says he’s grown up in a more literal way, saying that most people on set have remarked he’s been more focused since returning from his one-season break. He also recognizes that this gig might be more his speed.

“It was tough,” he says of filming the movie. “It was 17-hour days. I’m used to a fast-paced, live show. Movies are slow and really drawn out.”

Given his sister Julianne’s success since leaving the show — the former pro’s accomplishments include releasing a country album and starring in the Footloose remake — many suspected Hough was quietly bowing out of the series after winning with Jennifer Grey, his third victory in 7 seasons. But he came back to a warm reception with current partner Ricki Lake, and doesn’t seem to think it will be his last turn in the ballroom.

“Probably,” Hough says when asked if he’ll come back next season. “It was nice to take the break, to just kind of reset, take a breath and do something different. I would love to pursue other things, Broadway and whatnot, but it’s hard to find the timing between seasons to things like that.”
That might depend on if he and Ricki can manage to overcome the decided frontrunner, J.R. Martinez. Burke has a much different outlook on making it to the finale.

“I kind of feel like J.R. and Ricki are already in the finale,” she says, less surprised of Rob Kardashian’s endurance the closer they get to the end of the season. “It’s fighting for that third place with Hope [Solo].”

Burke, who plans to return for Season 14, says her extracurriculars are more focused on branding efforts, like a shoe collection with HSN and a clothing line she teases will be announced very soon.

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