DWTS13 Tom Bergeron Comments On The Couples Chances Going Into The Quarter Finals

Tom Bergeron went to Boston so he could host his hometown’s “Rogerson Communities Welcome Home fundraiser” last night. Channel 4 was there to interview him on the event where he talked a little on Dancing With The Stars Season 13. It’s been “wild” and controversial, but, at the moment, “all is well in the ballroom.” Tom also gives his thoughts on the ratings and the contestants going into the quarter finals. He said, “any of them has a solid 25 percent chance now”. He’s been the most surprised by Rob like so many of us.

“Any one of them has a solid 25 percent chance now,” said Bergeron, who declined to divulge his favorite.

“Hope and Maks had a very strong week,” he said, “and of course JR and Ricki have been delivering really solid performances all along. But the one who has really surprised me is Rob Kardashian. He gets better and better, more confident and more poised week in and week out. I said to him the other night, ‘You’ve had the best week of any Kardashian.’ ”

As for the future of “DWTS,” the ratings have slipped a bit this year, but the show still dominates on hotly contested Monday night.

“When I first started I thought that, at best, it would be a good summer series,” Bergeron said. “I don’t think, if any of us is being completely honest, we ever thought it would do as well as it’s done.”

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