Mark Ballas’ New Pepsi Commercial, New Blog, And Possible Partner For DWTS Season 14

Mark Ballas' photo Yes.. I'm that guy at the pool with a piña colada ha ha
Mark Ballas on WhoSay

Lots is happening in Mark Ballas’ world! Not only will he be dancing in the finals on Dancing With The Stars soon with his former partner Kristin Cavallari, he is currently in Miami. He’s been posting some cool pics at his Facebook like the one above where he’s chillin’ at his hotel by the pool with a Pina Colada.

Also, even though Mark is in Miami, he still has his eye on the Dancing With The Stars Semi-Finals. In a new blog on USA Today, Mark writes how this up coming week “will be the most competitive week we’ve seen all season.” Here is a bit more of what he wrote on each of the remaining couples…

Even though I consider J.R. the favorite, he’s got some stiff competition right behind him. Should he make the slightest mistake, it could cost him the mirror ball trophy. Ricki (Lake) and Derek (Hough) will be the first couple to give J.R. and Karina a run for their money. Derek knows how to compete and he will do whatever it takes to get that mirror ball trophy, he has three already! Derek is a genius when it comes to choreographing the routines each week so you can count on their performance to be very entertaining.

Rob (Kardashian) has been surprising everyone all year and this week will be no different. He has a very determined mindset and that’s what will help him stay focused in practice. When you are putting in 6 to 8 hours of rehearsal time everyday you need to have a good mindset. It’s a mental game at this point because as you already know each couple has the technique since they have made it this far in the game. Now it’s time to put all else aside and concentrate on the routines. Rob definitely has his head on straight and I’d like to see him score a 10 this week.

Hope (Solo) is peaking at just the right time. She is starting to let loose and have fun on the dance floor. I know Maks (Chmerkovskiy) and his partners often butt heads in the beginning but they always come around to form a formidable duo. This time is no different, and I expect Hope to have a good week in rehearsals. In my opinion, Hope and Rob will battle it out for the third spot in the finals.

In other things on Mark, does he have an eye on next Season’s new partner already? Not sure, but, @TristanMacManusFans at twitter noticed Mark recently added Olympic star Nastia Liukin to his followers list. If you remember, Nastia has been a rumored contender for several seasons. Will Dancing With The Stars Season 14 finally be her time to dance?

Makes one go “hmmmm…”, doesn’t it? Height wise, they’d be a perfect couple, but, would dancing on Dancing With The Stars next season conflict with her plans to be in the Summer Olympics next summer if she makes it? We’ll have to keep an eye on this possible pairing again.