DWTS Week 9 Cheryl Burke: “Expect Rob to be better than you’ve ever seen him!”

In her new blog at People.com, Cheryl writes of how well Rob handles “pressure” and is “keeping the mood light in and out of rehearsals.” She has written even more on Rob which you can read below…

Rob handles pressure really well. He’s very good at keeping the mood light in and out of rehearsals, and that actually helps me focus and not get too stressed out.

We’ve worked hard and Rob has really improved each week, which is what the show is about. Everyone works so hard on this show, and if you’ve made it this far you deserve to be there.

Rob has surprised a lot of people that counted him out week one. He has been learning and growing as a dancer each and every week, and I think the audience really responds to that.

This week, we’re doing the Argentine tango, samba and cha cha. Expect Rob to be better than you’ve ever seen him!

Be sure to read the full blog when you get a minute because Cheryl also writes of the freestyle next week and how important it is.

Who can’t wait for tonight? 🙂