Karina Smirnoff Talks About Her And J.R. Martinez’s Three Dances Tonight on DWTS!

Over the weekend, Access Hollywood caught up with Karina at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s “40 Years of Family” Gala. She tells them how her and J.R. have been rehearsing for 10 hours a day. She talks about each dance tonight as well. Get ready. Their Argentine Tango is going to “have a lot of lifts”.

Kat Tales also shot this video of J.R. and Karina in the rehearsal parking lot over the weekend. J.R. comments “not good” when he’s asked about this week.

Things look a little tense. I can’t imagine the pressure they all must be under and sometimes the people expected to do the best have even more pressure since there are so many high expectations. But, I’m sure everything will be ok for tonight for these two.

Bring it J.R. and Karina!! Don’t fold under the pressure now!