Dancing With The Stars Week 9 Interviews After The Dance Part 1 (Videos)

What a great semi-finals last night on Dancing On The Stars! Where do we start with interviews? I have to go with the On The Red Carpet (sorry, no interview with Maks and Hope is listed from them)!!

First up, we have Cheryl and Rob! His smile says it all! They discuss how they never thought he’d get this far in the competition, but, Rob’s work ethic is strong and he kept improving. Cheryl knew he could stay in this competition when he had the break through dance in week 3. Rob hopes he and Cheryl make it and he is in this thing to win the trophy. You can do it, Rob! Keep it up!

J.R. switched into his sneakers right after the show as soon as he could. J.R remarks how his dances didn’t feel right, but, Karina said they “looked” better than they “felt”. Because of his injury, J.R. wasn’t able to do the last lift in their Argentine Tango. They hope America voted them through and understand they had an off night. No matter what happens and if they go forward or not, Karina is proud of their amazing journey.

Ricki starts off the interview saying how her and Derek are perfectionists. Derek points out how they tried to take the pressure off this week by just having fun with it all and not worrying about the competitive part of it. Ricki doesn’t expect to win. She just wants to keep having a great time. Derek points out how much Ricki has changed and improved.

Stay tuned! We’ll be back with some more interviews shortly! ๐Ÿ˜‰