Dancing With The Stars Week 9 Interviews After The Dance Part 2 (Videos)

In part 2 of our interview posts, we have our couples answering questions from Access Hollywood and E On-line, but, first, let’s go to Good Morning America with Donny Osmond’s take on the night. He predicts Rob to take the Mirror ball next week! As much as I find Donny to be a little over the top at times, I have to agree. This is very possible for the reasons he said. Do you agree or disagree?

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Louis Van Amstel also reviewed the night in his new blog. Once again, he nails it for the most part. This guy seriously gets my vote as being picked to be a 4th judge. Below is his overall view. More in detail at the link.

OVERALL: My finalists are Ricki, J.R. and Rob! Having said that, it’s going to be interesting to see what the votes will be tomorrow. Nothing against Hope or Maks because I love them, but from a dancing point of view, Rob clearly danced to make the final. Rob created while Hope was surviving. That’s how it came across.

As surprising as the judges’ Cha-Cha relay scores might be, I wasn’t surprised based on performance energy. If it were just dancing, the results could have been different.

I’m very excited for the finale next week. Both Ricki and J.R. have to up their game or Rob might become the “Seabiscuit” and create quite an upset. Don’t forget, many times the freestyle has been the deciding factor for who wins “Dancing With the Stars.”

Ok, on to the Access Hollywood interviews….

Ricki and Derek were so happy with their “10’s” last night. Ricki talks of how they are both perfectionists. Derek remarks again about how they tried to relax and take off the pressure this week. Derek feels they already have won no matter what happens tonight.

J.R. is clearly disappointed about how his ankle injury and how it stopped him from doing his best, but, Karina is just so happy with him and their amazing journey no matter if they go home or go forward. He was planning to rest it all night and get an x-ray today.

Rob talks of how his Mom cried after his dances. They go through how much he’s improved,….especially his confidence. He hopes to keep working hard and long hours like he’s been doing if they make it. J.R. and Karina pop in telling Rob he is a champ. So cute.

Below is a take of the couples reactions after dancing with E Online, but, note how they said Maks and Hope opted not to be interviewed by the press. More on that in a sec, but, first, let’s get some thoughts from the other couples…

Back to the tear-jerky video packages, Karina wishes she hadn’t watched it before performing. “I wish we didn’t because it kind of took us out of the moment,” she says. “I saw his eyes fill up with tears and it made it really hard to concentrate.” J.R. simply says, “It’s really cool that we get to show America a different side of us.”

Ricki Lake says she tried not to let the sentimental video shown tonight affect her performance. “Derek [Hough] didn’t want me to watch [the video]. But I couldn’t help but see some of those images,” she says. “I was twice the size I am now and I’ve worked really hard to have the body I have. I got really emotional.”

Also emotional was Rob Kardashian’s mom Kris Jenner, who cried after watching her son perform. ” I mean for her to cry, to see me doing something that she never in her life would have imagined me doing, I shocked myself. So she’s probably shocked and happy,” he says.

Rob scored his first 10 of the competition tonight and says it ” felt really great.” but admits he was surprised that he and partner Cheryl Burke won the cha cha. “We never thought we would win the cha cha. We obviously wanted to but didn’t expect that,” he tells us. “We’re super appreciative and happy and we can’t believe we’re in the semi-finals.”

Though he says he’s “super exhausted” and calls this week “the longest week” of his life, Rob is committed to bringing home the mirror ball trophy. “I’m really going to work harder than ever because we are in the home stretch.”

So yeah, Maks and Hope may have opted not to talk with the press, but, they did have a few remarks for reporters which the Hollywood Reporter noted. Maks had a 4 letter word for Carrie Anne and Hope said the judges wanted them out from the beginning. Thanks to Heidi for this heads up.

“F— Carrie Ann, next question,” Maks told reporters.

It should be acknowledged that he was laughing quite a bit when he said this, but he seems to have had enough of the scoring this season.

“I think Carrie Ann has an issue,” he said. “I don’t know what it is but I would love to know so we can address it. As of now, I have no clue what the hell she was talking about.”

Both Maks and Hope seem more than capable of sticking up for themselves. Their constant defense against the judges actually appears to have eased the tension in their partnership — something producers were very eager to play up in rehearsal packages earlier in the season.

All smiles backstage, Hope reiterated her comments from the broadcast. “They’ve wanted to get us off since day one,” she said.

I have always been a big Maks fan as most of you know, but, once again he and Hope’s behavior disappoint me. They are being sore losers and as athletes, you’d think they’d know better. 🙁

Ok, that is all for now. Here’s to the results show tonight and a good one at that with Anna and Derek to dance in the Design A Dance segment. Be there or be square and thanks for reading!xxx