DWTS 13, Week 9 Interviews After The Results Part 1 (Videos)

Well, there won’t be any interviews with the eliminated couple, Hope and Maks, this week. We’re not sure why, but, one source below mentions how Hope was escorted out of the press room last night (more details towards the end of this post on that). Instead the finalists were on Jimmy Kimmy LIVE last night. They will also be doing Good Morning America today according to Heidi in her Spoilers post. More on those interviews in a while, but, first let’s get the On The Red Carpet interviews with George Pennacchio.

J.R. tells George how scary it was being along side Hope in the bottom two last night, but, he’s thankful he made it and looks forward to next week’s dances. Karina is not in the interview since she went straight to the studio to start working the choreography. He plans to do whatever she says.

Ricki is surprised and feels so blessed she made it this far. She feels like she’s beating the odds and it’s all because of Derek. He has some tricks up his sleeves for their final dances.

Rob’s number goal is to keep focusing and trying to improve as he’s done every week since the season began. He never thought he’d get this far and he plans to bring 200% to rehearsals this week. He wants that Mirror Ball Trophy!

Here are some interviews with Ricki and Rob from Access Hollywood as well….

Rob talks about doing the Samba again last night and how he was just as nervous to do it as Monday night. He owes everything to Cheryl for making it this far. He plans to work really hard to do 4 dances next week.

Ricki plans to give it her best shot next week. It’s daunting going into next week and she feels like she is on another planet, but, she’s ready. She also talks of how much they will miss Hope.

The finalists also spoke backstage with E Online. Below is a take (Note at the link, how Hope broke down in one interview and they escorted her out of the press room).

“I love them! They were on my team paso and we did so well with that,” Ricki Lake says of saying goodbye to Hope and her partner Maks Chermovskiy. “I think they’re both great people. I think she did great. She came so far and I now like soccer. I never knew anything about it, but now I’m rooting for my goalie Hope Solo!” Aw, how cute!

J.R. adds, “Hope did a great job this season. She surprised herself, she surprised all of us and she surprised America. I’m sure she’s proud of herself.”

Still, his partner Karina Smirnoff says, “As much as we don’t want anyone to go home, we’re kind of really glad we made the final!”

Something fans are worrying might jeopardize J.R.’s chances of winning? His ankle injury.

“The ankle feels a lot better, does,” J.R. assures of his recent injury. “I got some time to rest. I got an X-ray done this morning. The doctor said it’s negative and that everything looks good. Now, it’s about being strategic: making sure I take care of, wrap it properly and continue to dance!”

The contestant most surprised to make it to next week’s finals? Rob Kardashian!

“I never would have imagined this when I signed up for this, never in a million years,” Rob admits. “I really just gotta bring it more than ever and that mirror-ball trophy is right at the end of my fingertips.”

So will the entire Kardashian clan, Kim included, be coming to the finals to cheer on Rob? “Everybody’s gotta come next week, and they will!” Rob enthuses. “It’s going to be a crazy night.”

More shortly, Dancettes! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

ADDING: Below is the one interview which Hope did with Tony. Thanks to @DWTSgossip for the heads up on it at twitter…

Maks also tweeted that he and Hope were told not to do the interviews on Jimmy Kimmel and GMA;