Dancing With The Stars Season 13 TV Ratings For Nov. 7 – 13th

In the week of Oct.31st-Nov.6th, Dancing With The Stars moved up to 5th and 9th with their viewership numbers always staying steady at around 15-16+ million viewers. The official numbers from Nielson’s for last week have been released for the week of Nov. 7th – 13th. Dancing With The Stars made a small jump up the ladder again to 3rd and 8th (see below). Note too how the viewership numbers for last Monday night’s show increased to over 18+ million viewers (from 16+ million the week before) which is outstanding considering the show competed with football and even a major awards show. The early projections for this week have Monday night’s show coming in with 19+ million viewers (an increase) and Tuesday’s result show coming in with 9 million viewerships which is a big decrease…especailly for a semi finals show. It makes one wonder if this week’s results show will even make the top 20 next week when all the official numbers are in? Note too how the X Factor didn’t make the Top 20 last week. Ouch!

2 NCIS CBS Tue 8:00 PM 20,378,000
3 DANCING WITH THE STARS ABC Mon 8:00 PM 18,157,000
4 CMA AWARDS ABC Wed 8:00 PM 16,396,000
5 SUNDAY NIGHT NFL PRE-KICK NBC Sun 8:22 PM 16,229,000
6 THE BIG BANG THEORY CBS Thu 8:00 PM 15,885,000
7 NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS Tue 9:00 PM 15,658,000
8 DANCING W/STARS RESULTS ABC Tue 9:00 PM 15,073,000
9 TWO AND A HALF MEN CBS Mon 9:00 PM 14,707,000
10 60 MINUTES CBS Sun 7:00 PM 13,074,000
11 MIKE & MOLLY CBS Mon 9:31 PM 11,933,000
12 FOOTBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA PT 3 NBC Sun 7:58 PM 11,822,000
13 THE OT FOX Sun 7:44 PM 11,800,000
14 UNFORGETTABLE CBS Tue 10:01 PM 11,718,000
15 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT CBS Thu 8:31 PM 11,570,000
16 2 BROKE GIRLS CBS Mon 8:30 PM 11,428,000
17 CRIMINAL MINDS CBS Wed 9:00 PM 11,359,000
18 ONCE UPON A TIME ABC Sun 8:00 PM 11,359,000
19 BLUE BLOODS CBS Fri 10:00 PM 11,299,000
20 GREY’S ANATOMY ABC Thu 9:00 PM 11,295,000

Special thanks to @donamadrina at twitter for her help with this post!!

Heidi’s Note: I don’t think you can project from one week to the next on how the show’s going to do – it does hinge on how other shows do, after all. 🙂  Lot’s of football, a good number of re-runs (Mentalist, for one) and the holidays all lead to a few “issues”.  No biggie, it’s still in the top 10 and there’s always a bit of a slump at this point in the season.