DWTS Las Vegas Odds And New “Who Will Win” Season 13 Poll (VOTE)

Ok, the odds makers in Las Vegas have placed their bets. Below are the new wagers from OLBG. What do you think? Does this look about right or are they way off?

J.R. Martinez 1.47

Rob Kardashian 4

Ricki Lake 5.5

I’m a little surprised to see Ricki at 3rd instead of 2nd? Right now I think anything could happen though depending on how they dance? There is no room for any error…not even physically. Do you agree?

So, if you were to vote and bet on who will win Dancing With The Stars Season 13, who would you vote and bet for? Be sure to place your vote below so we can get some early numbers. Let us know in the comment section who you think will get 2nd and 3rd.

I’m voting for Rob to win. I think Ricki will come in at 2nd and J.R. in third. I think J.R.’s injury is going to hurt his chances.

Heidi’s Note: Nah, these guys haven’t been right all season long, except with JR – why would they be any different now. I think JR will win, barring misfortune, Ricki will be second and Rob will be third. But you know what? I wouldn’t be surprised if Ricki won…and I wouldn’t be surprised if Rob won…I wouldn’t be surprised by any combination of the three. I think, for the first time in a long time, it’s going to be CLOSE – UNLESS the judges do some serious ranking.  If they throw it to the viewers, then all bets are off.  If Rob and JR are splitting the votes for the male celebs, Ricki could come out ahead. Rob could win due to his own growing likeablity AND his sisters fanbases.  JR – well, he’s the whole package as well. Popular, a pro who’s never won, a great story, a great dancer.  I will be happy, regardless of who wins – and I think, for the first time in a long time, the contestants will likely say the same thing. Dont’ get me wrong – I think they all WANT to win, but I don’t get the sense that any of them will be devastated if they don’t. 🙂  I’m very happy with this final three actually – so happy, I almost don’t care who wins.   That doesn’t mean I won’t vote for my favorite. 😉