DWTS Derek Hough Discusses The Competition, His Perfect Record In The Finals, And More (Rehearsal Video)

In a new interview with TV Guide, Derek addresses questions about Ricki’s final dances and what he thinks about Rob and J.R. (more below). He also discusses the judges remarks and the impact they’ve had on Ricki and the other contestants. Derek is also very aware that he’s had a perfect winning record whenever he’s been in the finals. More on this at the link. Great interview!

You have four dances now. How are you both handling it?
Hough: It’s outrageous! Last week, when we had three, because we had so much to do, it was almost laughable. It was like, “We can’t even cry about it. We have to embrace it.” I feel like that’s the attitude this week too — just embrace the workload and be excited and feel like you’ve won as far as getting this far and doing well.

Your freestyles are always fun. What do you have up your sleeve this time?
Hough: I do have an idea. I’ve been playing around with it in my head, but I haven’t put it to paper yet, so I don’t want to say it out loud. But I think it could be really cool if it all goes according to plan. We’ll see how it shakes out.

What do you think of Rob and J.R.? The show has played up your rivalry with J.R.
Hough: Yeah, but that’s all in fun. It’s nothing serious. We’re all really good friends and happy to be in the finals together. I think Rob in Week 1, you’d go, “He probably wouldn’t be in the finals.” I think he would say the same thing. But it’s literally been incredible to see how far he’s come, not just in dancing, but also as a person. But from Week 1, I definitely felt like J.R. would be here. He’s definitely the most natural as far as ability goes and I hope his ankle’s all right. I think he’ll be fine. With Rob and Ricki, they both started from ground zero. But there’s no rivalry between any of us. We said after [Tuesday’s] show, “Let’s just have fun.” It’s going to be a happy final. We’re going to go out and have a good time and whoever wins wins.

Below is Ricki and Derek on Access Hollywood today as well….