Hope Solo Talks On Her Elimination On Dancing With The Stars (Video)

Hope chatted to Seattle’s Komo News about her elimination and experience on Dancing With The Stars. “I learned A LOT about reality television,” she says. She also said she definitely doesn’t fit into the “Hollywood world”. She describes the physical toll it took on her body and said, “it was pretty intense.” Looking back and over all, she said “What an experience” and she pulled it off lasting to the semi-finals. At the end, the interviewers talk of how the network pulled the Jimmy Kimmel and GMA appearances after the elimination. Hope had her dress ready and everything. They think it’s because the network thought they were “loose cannons”. More at the link and video below.

Stay tuned. For those interested and if you haven’t heard yet, Hope will be Anderson Cooper’s guest on his new daytime talk show Tuesday, November 22nd.