J.R. Martinez And Karina Smirnoff Planning A Salsa For Their Freestyle (Videos)

J.R. and Karina spoke with Access Hollywood yesterday about how J.R.’s ankle is doing. He says everything is fine. He was more frustrated with himself than anything because he wasn’t able to complete the dance for what Karina choreographed. He’s had his injury checked out by a doctor and the doc said, “That boy can dance!” J.R. has been wearing an ankle brace all week and will most likely do so for the shows as a safety precaution. They plan to give it everything they’ve got so people will have something to remember them by. Going back to J.R.’s roots, they are planning to do a “mixed up” Salsa for their Freestyle which will include a lot of hip action, fast moves, and lifts.

(I sure like this new British interviewer. I hope Access Hollywood keeps him around!)

Here the two are talking with the paparazzi as well yesterday. In a brief mention, Karina talks of their freestyle and their second dance as well as her marriage plans…