Mark Ballas Gears Us Up For The Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Finale

In his new blog with USA Today, Mark Ballas writes that he’s planning to show us what we might have missed with him and Kristin Cavallari’s dance on Tuesday night. In gearing up us further for the finals, he gives us his thoughts on the final three as well. Details below and there is more at the link. I agree how this upcoming week of Dancing With The Stars is equivalent to the World Series, the NBA Finals, and the Super Bowl. Do you?

At our first shoot where we filmed the introductions to the show, I can remember Rob not even wanting to get up and dance in front of everyone. Now look at him — you can’t get the guy off the dance floor. Rob definitely wins the most-improved award this season. He has always been decent but it wasn’t until these last couple of weeks he has really started to shine. If his partner Cheryl (Burke) can put together an amazing freestyle —which I have no doubt she will — these two have a really great shot at that trophy.

Ricki (Lake) seems to make dancing with Derek (Hough) look so easy. Derek is very serious when it comes to his job. He loves to win and will push his partner to the extreme and Ricki has done a perfect job keeping up with him. It’s surprising that Ricki doesn’t come from a dancing background as she seems to excel at a level that many contestants aren’t able to reach. I expect nothing less than 10s from these two on Monday night. They seem to be unstoppable this season, always landing on top of the leader board every week.

J.R. (Martinez) and Karina (Smirnoff) are another superb duo. One thing that I’m worried about is J.R.’s ankle. It seemed to put him in a lot of pain during last Monday’s show. I hope he has been able to have a productive week of rehearsal because if he can’t dance 100%, one of the other two couples might just sneak up on him and snatch the trophy right out from underneath him. But if he can perform like he has all season, I think the mirror ball trophy is J.R.’s.