Family and Cheryl Burke Speak About Rob Kardashian’s Transformation On Dancing With The Stars (Videos)

Celebuzz talked with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian to promote their new novel “Dollhouse”. While doing so, they asked them about Rob’s dancing and making it to the finals on Dancing With The Stars. Below is what they had to say about it. It sounds like he has surprised them as much as he has us.

LS: Well as you know all of us at HarperCollins send her our best. And we’re all very much cheering for your brother Rob.

Kourt: It’s so exciting. Like watching him last night, how the judges picked him to do the dance because they wanted to see his dance—it’s so cool, I’m so excited for next week.

Khloe: I literally cried when they said he was safe. I was like, I’m so lame, all alone in my hotel room, crying by myself, but it’s just so cool to see the growth from week one to whatever week it is now. None of us thought he would last this long—just because he has no dance background; he’s the youngest on the show… He’s definitely confident with us, in the privacy of our own home, but I can see how much more confident he is now. And I’ve loved seeing that transformation.

LS: He never danced as a little kid, around your house?

Kourt: No, never. Like Khloe said they used to do the running man together.

Khloe: Like, play-dancing. But we don’t even do that right. So this is amazing to see.

LS: Well we’re very excited and we hope that he takes it all!

KK: Thank you!

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