Slight Changes & Differences In Las Vegas Odds For The DWTS Season 13 Finale

The Las Vegas Odds have had some slight changes since our last post on Thursday. At that time, OLBG was showing this outcome from the odds makers;

J.R. Martinez 1.47

Rob Kardashian 4

Ricki Lake 5.5

Now here are the figures OLBG is showing as of today, Sunday, Nov. 20th. They still have Ricki placed at 3rd, but, the numbers are a little tighter.

J.R. Martinez 1.5

Rob Kardashian 4.33

Ricki Lake 5

Also, SportsboDog has their odds calculations posted. Below is how their figures stand as of today, Sunday Nov. 20th. Note how they have Ricki coming in 2nd place;

J.R. Martinez 1/2

Ricki Lake 3/1

Robert Kardashian 4/1

Interesting, hmmm? Ready for tomorrow night yet?