Ryan O’Neal Planning To Do Dancing With The Stars Season 14

Ryan O’Neal recently gave Pet Life Radio a new interview. He discusses his fun little dog Mozart who was once homeless and their story. “It was love at first sight”.

Ryan also mentions his upcoming gig on Dancing With The Stars. Yes, that’s right!! Ryan is planning to do Dancing With The Stars Season 14 as we reported to you in September.

Be sure to listen to what he says on it in the new interview at Pet Life Radio HERE.

I’m excited about Ryan doing the show. What do you think? I hope his knees are up for it!!

By the way, for those that think Pure Dancing With The Stars sleeps during the off season, think again! We still report on all the news surrounding the show, the pros, and rumored contenders for the next season. We post interviews, questionaires, and polls. Court and Heidi will write new analogies, Who Wore It Better, and Cheesecake posts. We will hold a Post Awards and much much more. So, stay tuned and don’t go away!! πŸ˜‰