Sizing Up The Three Remaining Couples For The Dancing With The Stars 13 Finale

TV Guide has written up a cool commentary sizing up the three couples for the Dancing With The Stars Finale. They dissect their advantages, disadvantages, what to look out for, and why each could win. Here are some takes for each….


Why he might win: Who doesn’t love an underdog? The unlikeliest finalist of the trio, Kardashian, like most people, never pictured himself in the final. “The fact that we’re in the position that we’re in? I shocked myself,” he says. Many pre-season predictions had him going out early, like Kim did, but he’s proved them wrong with his ability and commitment, so who’s to say he can’t top it off with a victory?

Keep an eye out for: More booty-shaking. Kardashian’s big bum has been both an asset and his own worst enemy, but he used his gluteus maximus to the, uh, max in the samba last week β€” and look at that! There’s going to be an Instant samba in the finals. “He’s learned to work with his butt, so we’re going to use that to our advantage,” Burke says.


Why she might win: Lake has reclaimed the momentum after relinquishing it midseason to Martinez. After Martinez hurt his ankle last week, Lake emphatically stamped herself as the current one to beat with her first 30 and the highest score of the evening. Plus, she has Hough as her partner, and he obviously knows what it takes to win. Did we mention that he’s also been perfect in finals? Lake can make that record 4-0, but don’t remind him of that. “I try not to think about it,” he says.

Keep an eye out for: Another trademark Hough, crowd-pleasing freestyle. Freestyles are Hough’s bread and butter, and he says if theirs β€” an idea he’s been kicking around for a bit β€” goes according to plan, it could be “really cool.” And we all know that freestyles are the make-it-or-break-it dance.


Why he might win: He’s got the complete package: technique, talent, charm and sizzling chemistry with Smirnoff. Cynics might suggest his story will garner sympathy votes, but Martinez has proven week in and week out that he has the goods, and has undoubtedly won over more fans with his performance and fun-loving personality. “I think anybody would be a fool not to root for J.R. given who he represents and how great he is,” Maksim Chmerkovskiy writes in his blog. “Everything about him screams Dancing winner.”

Keep an eye out for: Not to be a downer, but any effects from his ankle injury. It would be a shame if he can’t put his best foot forward (no pun intended) in the finals. “I hope his ankle’s all right,” Hough says. “He’s overcome so much as it is. He’s a fighter and a competitor, so I’m sure he will tough this out.”

Interesting read! Each are so special in their own way! Be sure to read more of TV Guide’s thoughts in full here before the show tonight!!