Worst Question: Who SHOULD Win DWTS?

I think probably the worst question people like to ask is “Who SHOULD win DWTS?” I’m totally fine with the questions, Who will win?, Who do you want to win?, Who deserves to win?, Who’s the best dancer?, Who’s the most improved? etc. I just think the question of SHOULD just doesn’t work.

At the end of the day, the judges scores end up basically not mattering at all. All of them score nearly the same (with a few rare exceptions) and so it’s just up to the public voting. Who America votes for is a crazy and often unpredictable.

Here’s the perfect example. I was driving home today and the guy on the radio listed off the DWTS finalists. Then, he said that he thought Rob should win because he has to put up with his sister. What kind of reasoning is that?

I don’t have anything against Rob. To be quite honest, I’m fine if any of the final 3 win. I’d love for Karina finally won a mirror ball and how could someone complain about a guy as classy as JR? Derek and Ricki have done great throughout the season. I think almost everyone is pretty much shocked that Rob is in the finals. I live in Vegas and I’m pretty sure the casinos would have taken all the money they could have taken for bets that Rob would have made the finals.

My point is that those voting don’t make rational decisions. America’s not consistent with who they vote for. One season they might vote for most improved. One season they might vote for best story. One season they might vote for best dancer. One season they might vote for the cutest. It’s not who should win, cause there’s no should when America starts voting.

What should happen is we should enjoy the finale, be amazed and impressed by the performances and just enjoy the spectacle that is DWTS. At least that’s what I plan to do.