White space for those who might not want to know until later….you know retweets often put the first sentence in the tweet and it’s only polite to try to avoid that.

The Winner is: JR AND KARINA!!! Congratulations!!

Second place – Rob and Cheryl.

Third place – Ricki and Derek

I will say, this was a pretty enjoyable final – and leave the rest for the Cheesecake Awards. πŸ™‚ Carson is my favorite non-final three person. Ok, had to share that. πŸ™‚ and I’ll say that Mark and Derek don’t discriminate – they are going to hoist the winners, regardless. Good boys. πŸ™‚

DON’T FORGET!!! We dont go anywhere in the off season. Vogue will still be posting random media, all of us will be watching for rumors, I’m still working on my ringer series, and the series on the history of judges scoring. Courtney has several things up her sleeve….and most of all, we have the final LoLz and Cheesecake coming up late this week early next week. Be sure to come by and hang out!!

I will be relaxing for a few days, but the cheese and lolz are coming soon. In the meantime…HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!