Speculation: Whitney Port Interested In Dancing On Dancing With The Stars Season 14?

Let the new Dancing With The Stars Season 14 rumors and speculations begin! Already, you ask? Yes, ALREADY! πŸ™‚ First, we reported on Ryan O’Neal in the beginning of the week as a possible contender for Season 14. Now a suggestive (or was it?) tweet from Hill’s star and fashion designer, Whitney Port, has left some wondering if she’s not a “viable” contestant for the upcoming season as well? Below is more from Entertainment Gather.

The 26-year-old Port posted an innocuous enough tweet to followers during the November 22 Dancing results show, writing “I am just loving this Dancing with the Stars finale!!! Makes me wanna dance!” But the hit dance competition is always looking for celebrity contestants, and reality stars have been popular choices during recent seasons. In other words, if she’s interested, she may well have a shot at being paired up with the likes of Derek Hough, Maks Chmerkovskiy or Tristan MacManus.

I checked with Heidi. We think this is more speculation at this point since Whitney’s tweet was just saying that the finale made her want to dance. Then again, you never know…especially when Dancing With The Stars is known to pick up reality stars every season? Could Whitney Port be one of them and how would you feel if she was?? I hate to admit…she definitely looks the the part and I bet she would be fun. I can see a Derek pairing in the making. πŸ™‚

Anyway, this might be one example of what “speculation” might be like versus a true “rumor”. It’s fun none the less.

Thanks to Vin for the heads up on this article!xx πŸ˜‰