How Did Your Early Predictions For DWTS Season 13 Stack Up With The Results?

1.Forecasting the frontrunners. She predicts that J.R. Martinez will walk away with the Mirror Ball trophy this season, with Ricki Lake and Rob Kardashian not far behind.

The above quote was taken from Fitness Magazine from an interview with Anna. She made that winning prediction for Season 13 in October. As you can see she ended up being dead on with it. This got me thinking about our Dancing With The Stars early prediction posts before Season 13 started. Do you remember how you ranked the contestants before they started dancing and were you wrong, right, or close?

Some of you posted your thoughts in Marianya’s Prediction Stat Post while some posted their predictions in Courtney’s Part One and Part Two Preliminary Power Ranking posts. As you can see, Courtney and Marianya were pretty close for how the competition turned out. What’s interesting is Marianya was probably the only one from almost all of us who predicted Rob to do so well….and what’s more Marianya put him as high as 3rd place!

Heidi ended up being amazingly psychic as always when she predicted Kristin to “pull an Audrina” by exiting the competition early in Marianya’s Post. She predicted the same with Chynna. Heidi also predicted J.R. to win in her Part 2 Ringers Post.

Almost all of us chose Rob and Nancy to finish last. The majority felt pretty negative on those two. To our pleasant surprise, we ended up loving them. Rob and Nancy ended up showing other sides to themselves that we didn’t know about and staying in the competition more than many of us forecasted.

Anyway, take a look back at the links above if interested. It’s fun to see how close or far we came from the results and what we (the bloggers and fans) wrote. My early first prediction for the top five were David, JR, Ricki, Elisabetta, and Kristin…and well, we all know how that turned out. LOL!!