Make Your Dancing with the Stars Season 14 2012 Cast Suggestions

This is John and Vogue!! It’s that time again to make your Cast Suggestions for Dancing With Stars Season 14th!! In the comments section, tell us which celebrities you’d like to see dance on the show. You can name as many as you wish and in as many posts as you wish depending on who you think of and how you are inspired when you read other fans suggestions, etc.. Then in a couple of weeks (or when this post dies out), we’ll send all of your/our suggestions to ABC. They may listen and they may not…or they may use our suggestions for future seasons after Season 14. You never know. πŸ™‚

To get us started, here is a list a PureDWTS reader sent into us:

WOMEN: Alanis Morissitte, Donna Brazil, Jenna Marasca (from Survivor), Jennifer Garner, Sara Lancaster (no Chuck in 2012), Yvonne Strahovski (no Chuck in 2012), Patricia Arquette, Chris Evert.

MEN: Jake Webber, James Denton(no Housewives in 2012), Manu Ginoboli (Latin Basketball player for SA Spurs), Ben Affleck (if not directing), David Cook (American Idol winner), Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Josh Holloway, Kevin Lochte (retired gold medal Olympics swimmer), Vincent Donofrio, Zac Levi(Chuck), Bobby Mason (from Survivor-gigantic following on Facebook. Very entertaining.)

At twitter, fans have suggested to us that these celebrities be casted:

MEN: Dr. Oz, JZ Chazea (Nsync), Tiger Woods, David Letterman, Phil Collins

WOMEN: Courtney Cox, Roselyn Sanchez, Sabrina Soto

Ok, now it’s your turn! Would you like to see the above Celebrities dance? What are your Cast Suggestions?

Note: Don’t list your pro dancer choices yet! Stay tuned! We’ll be making a new post for them soon. πŸ˜‰

Note 2: Keep in kind this is NOT a “campaign” post like a few fans tried to make it last season!

Ok, let’s get this party started! πŸ™‚