Pure Dancing With The Stars 2011 Off Season Questionnaire #1

Ok Dancettes! Time for your first questionnaire after the wrap up of Season 13!! 😀 If interested, answer each question below to the best of your ability and have fun!!!

1. If the show were to make room for Carson Kressley on the show in some way, where would you like to see him placed?

2. My five top dances on Dancing With The Stars Season 13 were __________________. (This can include the Pro and Troupe dances as well)

3. After you saw Tony and Chynna’s “Mission Impossible” finale dance, did you think the viewers made the right decision in letting them go early? How about Mark and Kristin’s finale dance? Did watching them change your mind on their early elimination?

4. From all the celebrity contestants on Dancing With The Stars 14 and if there was a Congeniality Award, which one celebrity deserved it the most? (name only one)

Bonus question: How are you filling your Monday and Tuesday nights now that Season 13 is over?

My answers:

1. I’d want Carson to be a weekly fashion correspondent I think. I hope he dances in some new skits too in some way.

2. My top five dances from this last season in were; Derek and Ricki’s ‘Psycho’ dance, Val and Peta’s ‘Enchanted Melody’ dance (so beautiful!), Carson, Anna, and company’s ‘Vogue’ dance, Carson and Anna’s ‘Move Like Jagger’ dance, and Derek and Anna’s DaD. Honorable mention: Derek and Julianne’s Jive, Maks and Hope’s Quickstep

3. These finale dances didn’t change my mind any. Although Chynna, Tony, Mark, and Kristin were entertaining and it was good to see them again, they still went out at the right time in the competition I think. Chynna’s ballet moves were repetitive and they didn’t do anything different. Kristin’s legs were still a little messy.

4. Congeniality Award? CHAZ! What sealed it for me is when the entire cast would come to hug him after he was called safe each time. I don’t remember that ever happening before.

Bonus question: Monday night, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights going up in the area. Tuesday night’s TV slot has been replaced with GLEE and watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. 😀 Has this been an easy adjustment? No! lol