Dancing With The Stars Cheryl Burke To Star In ‘Forever Tango’ In January

Heads up! Cheryl Burke, one of the best “Tangoers” in the world (if not “the” best!) is about to grace the stage again in Luis Bravo’s “Forever Tango”. “Forever Tango” will be presented Jan. 19, 2012 at 8:00pm at the California Theatre of the Performing Arts in San Bernardino, CA. Here is more from Inland Social. To read more on the show and for ticket information, be sure to see the link.

Created by Luis Bravo, the show’s focus isn’t just on any tango, but on the imaginative, creative and sensual Argentine tango, and creates a showcase for the worldwide dance phenomenon.

The show’s professional dancers create the world famous dance in every imaginable way, while musicians paint a musical picture that “inspires and teases.”

Below is a little movie Cheryl did for Forever Tango last year. You can see her dancing in the show as well.

If only my Dad could travel, I know what I’d get him for Christmas!