Edyta Sliwinska And Alec Mazo’s “Dance Temptation” Touring In The Summer 2012

Missing Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo like I am? As some of you may remember from our past postings, the two produced a new show this past year called “Dance Temptation” which they premiered in Niagara Falls over the summer. Well, something is very much in the works again. Edyta tweeted that as soon as Alec is finished with school, they plan to hit the road again with it again next summer. Be sure to watch this space closely for more information on the show when they time gets closer. For now, enjoy the stunning new “Dance Temptation” Poster (seen above) and some scenes from the show below….

I so want to see this and I hope they take it to every major city in North America!!! 🙂

Thanks to PureDWTS reader Carlos for the heads up on this!!xx