Kirstie Alley Wants Everyone To Experience Some Version Of Dancing With The Stars

Many of you might have heard that Kirstie Alley, Dancing With The Stars Season 12 2nd place winner, launched a new 100 Days of Dance program in which she encourages everyone to dance with her for 100 consecutive days in order to lose weight or stay fit. Of the program she says, “I want everyone to experience some version of Dancing with the Stars.” Check out a little more below for what she says, where she’d like to travel, and who she’d like to dance with during her time of 100 days of dancing….

“People don’t have to do monotonous, zombie workouts that are boring,” Alley tells PEOPLE. “The thing about dancing is that it’s free and you can do it anywhere and any time.”

“My love is the Argentine Tango and I would love to go to Argentina in these 100 days,” says Alley. “I’ve got to make [John] Travolta dance with me. Jonathan Knight is going to dance with me. I have a whole fleet of people who said they would dance with me, so I’m excited.”

You can read more at as well as joining and watching her daily at 100 Days Of Dance. I wouldn’t be surprised if Maks shows up for a dance or two, would you?

This should be fun! Way to go Kirstie! Keep the dance alive!