DWTS Former Pro Alec Mazo: “Working with your spouse is fruitful if….”

As you know from a previous reporting, Edyta Sliwinska and hubby, Alec Mazo have started a new facebook page called “Dancing Pros” in promotion with their stage show “Dance Temptation”. Last week, Edyta wrote her first blog where she discusses how she got picked to do Dancing With The Stars. This week, Alec takes the wheel to write about the capability of married couples being able to work together. In doing so, he’s honest in saying “sometimes”. He takes us to the beginning when he met and started competing with Edyta to their decision to do Dancing With The Stars. Below is a take on the Dancing With The Stars part….

Edyta and I grew tired of competing and made a decision to go on DWTS because we wanted to be together, which would be difficult if we kept competing in Ballroom.

At first, the decision to go on DWTS was right on the money, figuratively speaking. Our motives were purely personal. There was no money incentive from DWTS – they paid very little the first couple of seasons and we could have made triple the pay at the studio. Since we joined DWTS from the first season, we had no idea how successful the show would become. However, working with other people (me with Kelly Monaco and Edyta with Evander Holyfield) made us realize how much we wanted to be together based on the time together/apart balance. Our personal relationship thrived. I should note that at this point, being on DWTS meant that we were often in the same building at CBS studios, but were really not working together outside of result show performances and occasional choreography advice to each other. Another plus was that when we went home, we could talk about the common goals and objectives. We understood each other very well and this communication helped our personal relationship. The key takeaway from this experience was that working together with your spouse is fruitful if you can balance your time together/apart, work within your circle of expertise, have common goals/objectives, and understand each other’s personalities while keeping the communication channel open.

Once again, fascinating! You can read Alec’s first blog in full at Dancing Pros. He plans to write more on the subject soon.