Going Behind The Scenes Of DWTS Maksim Chmerkovskiy New Propel Zero Commercial

Last month, Maks helped to choreograph a new commercial for Propel Zero’s “Drops of Life” in New York. Photographer Sara Jaye Weiss was able to capture Maks doing the splits and jumping on a mini-trampoline while holding the product and more. You can read and see more at X17Online.

Celeb Buzz also posted a “behind the scenes” teaser of the shoot which you can view below. Be sure to read the link for what Maks says about being behind the camera for the first time. He’s full of his own unique charisma as always!

Special thanks to @DWTSMaksimFans at twitter for the heads up on the video. You can view lots more pics of Maks during this shoot at her twitter account. The new commercial will air in February!! So be on the watch for it Maks fans!